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Formentera I & II 2x12" Vinyl (Opaque White) - Limited Edition with Signed Insert

Please note: This is a presale item with an expected ship date of October, 2023, date subject to change. Any non-presale items ordered together with this product will be held for a single shipment. Please place a separate order if you would like your non-presale item to ship without delay.

Title: Formentera I & II - Limited Edition with Signed Insert
Format: 2x12" Vinyl (Opaque White)
Release Date: October 13, 2023

01)  Doomscroller
02)  All Comes Crashing
03)  What Feels Like Eternity
04)  Formentera
05)  Enemies Of The Ocean
06)  I Will Never Settle
07)  False Dichotomy
08)  Oh Please
09)  Paths In The Sky

01)  Detour Up
02)  Just The Once
03)  Stone Window
04)  Days of Oblivion
05)  Who Would You Be For Me
06)  Suckers
07)  Nothing Is Perfect
08)  Descendants
09)  Go Ahead And Cry

Limited edition of 650
Limit of 4 copies per customer